My name is MaryAnne Talbott, and I've been designing with type for about as long as I've been able to read. I'm lucky to have found work that lets me do what I love.
I’ve been a freelance designer, editor and consultant for the past six years. I like design that’s simple, straightforward, effective and beautiful. I don’t like do-dads, frills or trendy gimmicks. I try to learn from everything I see, and I honed my skills and got my work ethic by meeting the insane daily deadlines in a newsroom.
My professional life in newspapers began in 1987. I was very briefly a reporter, then a copy editor and page designer for about eight years. Most recently, I was a newspaper design director for almost nine years.
I learned what works and what doesn’t, and how to make deadline without sacrificing craftsmanship.
I bring this experience to any job I do, whether it's designing a newspaper or creating any print or digital project.
Chat design, ask questions or offer me some work.
I'll answer as soon as I can.
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